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xSisneros Speed Works is the motorcycle service, repair and performance shop 
everyone wishes they had near them!  SSW is led by Eddie Sisneros who has been 
working on and building motorcycles for over 30 years.  His skill goes beyond his experience in years, and he possesses a curiosity, obsession and knowledge about how all things mechanical work that cannot be taught or gained by experience. 
 It is a skill you are born with.

SSW is primarily known for building Suzuki DR-Z motors but we do much more.  Recently we have spent most of our time doing development for fuel injected single cylinder dirt bikes.  Many of you have used our mapping and have been highly satisfied.  What you may not know is that factory riders such as Jared Mees, and
 Kenny Coolbeth also use our mapping to win races around the country.  We also are the current champion of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the 450 Supermoto class. We offer fuel injection tuning (both factory and Power Commander).

SSW offers worldwide parts and service sales.  We pride ourselves on competitive pricing on catalog parts; value added service (including a map with fuel injection tuning sales, pre-assembling carburetors, etc) and great communication with our customers.  Lastly, we sell our own line of parts that we develop and test for our own bikes.

One last thing to keep in mind………
We do not sell or endorse parts that do not work to make your bike better, faster, stronger.  If it doesn’t work or doesn’t serve a purpose we don’t use it.

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