Honda ECM Reprogramming

The remapping is designed to improve power by correcting the fueling and making ignition timing adjustments.  This can aid in starting issues and on/off throttle transition, but that would be considered a side benefit of the map.  So if you are having starting issues this may help but we make no promises.


Most of our maps increase bottom end and top end over-rev, but we do have other maps for people wanting something else.  The maps vary depending on installed accessories.

For payment we take PayPal, US Postal money order or cash at your own risk.  If using Paypal please pre-pay and include a printout of your Paypal receipt in the box so I can confirm the payment.  Turn around time is same or next day assuming I can verify your payment. 

Please download and print the form at the bottom of the page.  You can then pay via the paypal link.  Please include a copy of the form and the paypal invoice showing payment when you send your ECM

More information can be found here: